Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 19 in Goth and Horror History

Edgar Allan Poe at the National Portrait Gallery

Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Death & Dementia, on Amazon

January 19, 1809 - Edgar Allan Poe - Writer - Born

Two hundred and two years ago today, Edgar Allan Poe was born. He is remembered fondly for his dreary, beautiful, haunting dark poetry, short stories and other writings. Many goths have wept themselves into depression over Annabel Lee and The Raven. I cannot overstate the influence Edgar Allan Poe's writings had on the development of the modern goth scene, as well as the horror literature field. Today begins a series of celebrations in Baltimore, Maryland, for the bicentennial anniversary of Poe's birth.

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January 19, 1996 - From Dusk Till Dawn - Movie - Released

I seem to recall this wacky vampire movie being really well recieved, at least in our scene, after it came out. With Robert Rodriguez directing and Quentin Tarantino in charge of the script, this bloody comedy horror movie was really cool. Dozens of fan websites sprung up and hung around for a few years, and lots of screencaps were shared. Nowadays there isn't much fan love for this sure-to-become cult classic.

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