Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 18 in Goth and Horror History

The Haunting DVD, on Amazon

September 18, 1963 - The Haunting - Movie - Released

September 18, 1964 - The Addams Family - TV Show - Premiered

September 18, 1987 - Hellraiser - Movie - Released

My parents weren't interested in watching The Addams Family when it came out, because it "looked too weird" and "was probably Satanic." (See what I had to grow up with? Sigh).

The Haunting, based on a Shirley Jackson novel, would be remade several times.

Meanwhile, Hellraiser was probably the scariest, grossest movie I had ever seen in the theater at the time. (Yes, I'm that ancient an eldergoth, I saw this in theaters). I was suitably impressed and very intrigued by the female cenobites.


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  1. Hehehehe! Aah yes! I remember it well,Hellraiser was a Quantum leap forward in many ways. And much anticipated too as I recall as a bunch of us were avid if not rabid Clive Barker fans.